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Working With NYC To Combat Maternal Deaths Crisis

New York State/ City is experiencing a crisis in Maternal and Child Health especially among  African Americans and Hispanics and have established the Maternal Mortality Review Committee

The vision of the MMRC is to reduce preventable maternal mortality, and to eliminate inequities in this outcome. The mission is to gain a holistic understanding of the contributing factors leading to death by reviewing each mother’s story; and to use the information gathered during the review to inform recommendations to prevent future deaths. This report provides pregnancy-associated maternal mortality data and MMRC recommendations based on the Committee’s 2021 review of 57 maternal deaths that occurred in 2019.

APC has collaborated with the NYC DOHMH to respond to this crisis by conducting a workshop entitled  Healthy Moms! Healthy babies! This program was sponsored by NYC DOHMH. We will continue this work in 2024 and beyond.

Join our upcoming lecture on practical practices to have Healthy Moms & Healthy Babies!

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