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Calling Health & Wellness Professionals To Seek Those In Desperate Need Of Help And Provide Them With the inalienable right of Health!

APC - Community Services

Action Performance Commitment

APC - Community Services Inc is a social welfare organization that provides various services in the areas of health and wellness, advocacy, domestic violence prevention, maternal & child health, youth, and mentorship. It was founded in 1996 as a private consulting partnership, and has since evolved into a social, economic and educational agency. Click here to learn more about our services and how you can get involved.

Realizing that by giving to the poor we are lending to God; APC Medical Mission provides free comprehensive medical care in the promotion of health and wellness to underserved peoples of the world. It is in this vein that APC is committed to travel wherever God leads, to seek out and serve without regards of ethnicity, religious persuasion and socioeconomic status of the recipients.

Our Mission 


 Medical Supplies To Impoverished 

Domestic Violence Prevention

Maternal & 
Child Health

Youth Mentorship

The mission of APC is to provide high quality services in the areas of health and wellness, advocacy, domestic violence prevention, maternal & child health, youth, mentorship and day care services to foster the empowerment of residents in underserved and other communities. 

APC has been conducting Medical Mission trips annually, to the Caribbean and Africa since 2011.  The impact has been tremendous to communities served in Guyana, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia and Ghana with over $.6 Million (USD) worth of medicine, equipment, glasses, and supplies distributed to the people of these regions. During these mission trips APC and their volunteers provide free Medical. Podiatry, Pediatric, GYN, Vision (cataract surgery), dental, mental health services and health education.


Countries Served


Clients Served


Health Presentations Given 


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Professionals & Counting  

Our Impact 

 APC - Services 

This program is designed for health care providers; physicians, mid-level clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals in the metropolitan area who provide medical care to, Caribbean and Caribbean American populations. 

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