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Violence Prevention


Domestic, dating and sexual violence are challenging and pervasive problems in our community, causing victims, as well as witnesses and bystanders, in every area to suffer incalculable pain and loss. In addition to the lives taken and injuries suffered, partner violence shatters the sense of well-being that allows people to thrive and develop to their fullest potentials.

It also can cause health problems that last a lifetime, and diminish children’s prospects in school and in life.  New York State has made progress in the last few decades in addressing this violence, resulting in welcome declines – but there is more work to do to implement the strategies that hold the most promise.

APC Community Services is committed to teaching the next generation that violence is wrong, training more health care providers to assess patients for abuse, implementing workplace prevention and victim support programs, and making services available to all victims including immigrants and children who witness violence. These programs are done in churches and community settings. The goal is to STOP the violence though education and empowerment.

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