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Training Programs Mentoring


APC provides innovative mentoring training to agencies, that would like to begin a mentoring program. Qualified staff will assist in the development of site or community based mentoring programs. APC will also provide technical assistance and will guide in the monitoring and evaluation of programs. We also have an on-site career- mentoring program for Youth from Junior High school and High School. This program will link youth with mentors in the career path they plan to pursue.


Enrichment and Empowerment Seminar

Belief in one's self and the development of one's abilities are essential keys to success. APC's staff will teach you how to harness and develop talents and abilities to maximize one's fullest potentials. We also conduct seminars focusing on development of strong relationships in families, and workforce empowerment teams.


Social Services

APC provide social service trainings to community-based organizations, churches and other entities: These trainings/workshop include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Developing a Mentoring Program

  • Program Development and Evaluation

  • Home-Based and Small Business

  • Board Development training

  • Research and Evaluation

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