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The experienced staff at APC is efficient and concerned about health needs in the community. Our goal is to educate people to make informed decisions and choices about their health. Remember that the solution to most health problems today does not depend on physicians, technological advances, or on the quality of our hospitals. Our health is determined largely by our lifestyle choices, our physiological inheritance and our physical environment. We are available to conduct seminars and workshops for large and small groups. APC conducts health seminars nationally and internationally on the following topics:


HIV/AIDS in people over 50                                 


These programs will focus on HIV/AIDS in the over 50 population and will address risk reduction strategies as well as other issues affecting this group.

Education/ Health (Prevention)

These seminars will focus on areas of health education and promotion such as: stress management, exercise, drinking enough water, eating healthy to prevent diseases,, adequate rest, positive attitude and an holistic approach to health and wellness.    


Women's Health Issues 


This program will focus on all areas of women’s health. This will be done in the form of seminars, lectures and interactive workshops that focus on women’s health across the life span. Presentations will be made on: Tips on maintaining optimum health, reducing risk for breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. There will also be presentations on dealing with menopause, lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Men’s Health Issues                                                           


Men’s health will focus on all aspects of men’s health including but not limited to: How to obtain optimum health, reducing risk for hypertension, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. We will also focus on men’s health issues across the life span




Eating a balanced diet is a key to good health. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, various colors, the brighter the color the better for your health. Eat at least 9 servings of fruit and vegetables. They give your body hundreds of different nutrients that supports your vision, protect your cell membranes, support normal DNA function and stability and helps you recover from stress among other things. It is also wise to eat complex carbohydrates and stay away from refined foods.

In our Nutrition seminar we will teach you how to eat for health, by combining your foods wisely and cooking your foods properly. We will teach you what to eat to reduce your risk for hypertension, cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

Children's Health Issues


The health of children is of paramount importance. Parents need to ensure that they are fed properly in order to build up their skeletal structure, immune system and protect their cells. Feed your child wisely so as to maintain health.

In this workshop parents and children are taught how to prepare healthy meals and snacks. They get to learn in an interactive and fun way; also they are taught how to avoid harmful foods.                                                                                                 


Stress Management


Stress is the wear and tear our body experiences as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. Knowing how to manage stress is the key to obtaining optimum health. This seminar will teach you how to manage the stress in daily life.


Cancer Awareness / Prevention  ( Proper diet/ exercise etc)       


Breast, colon, prostate cancers are now claiming every forth life in America. Cancers seem to be caused by exposure to certain environmental factors such as where you live and work; also what we eat and drink as well as what we breathe may determine whether we become a cancer statistic. Our seminar will teach you how to reduce the risk of cancer.

Chronic Disease Prevention

This seminar series will discuss strategies to prevent chronic diseases such as: diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular. The focus will be on life style changes such as diet, exercise and quality of life issues. Remember you can be healthy by making the right choices.

Youth Empowerment and Identity Issues


Youths are the generation of tomorrow, they are valuable resources. We need to invest in them today and mentor them so that they can become effective mentors leaders tomorrow. This seminar will focus on   issues of the youths such as knowing one’s self, respect for one’s self and others, respect for authority, developing talents and abilities, peer pressure, being different, positive thinking and making a difference in society.

Empowerment and Building Self-esteem


Self-esteem can be defined as one’s feeling of self- competence and self-worth. Self-competence is a generalized sense of one’s own efficacy or ability to deal effectively with life’s challenges and to attain challenging goals. This seminar/workshop will   teach you how to discover who you are and how to feel good about yourself and your abilities.

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