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Mentoring (Career)


APC Community Services career mentoring program was designed in response to the significant number of school dropouts in Brooklyn. This program is designed to deal with motivational problems interfering with the academic achievement of teens. For many of these teens, Relevance was the missing ingredient in their school work.  If they saw no purpose to what they were studying, it was difficult to stay motivated to work hard at it, even when their aptitudes and skill levels presented no problems.

This program is based on self discovery and tapping into the talents and abilities by helping students develop their own career goals. It has been noted that teen who are focused on designing specific career goal, for example, will be motivated to pursue a similar careers

We have discovered that young people who quit school don't just suddenly drop out; it's more of a slow fade. Typically it begins in the seventh grade, if not earlier, often when they are dealing with issues of peer pressure and trying to find themselves. 

Our program analyses each participant’s skills and ability, as well as explores career interests. These mentees are then assigned mentors in the career field they are aspiring to. As the youths participate in this program, parents’ involvement is critical. Upon completion of this program, the youths are offered opportunities for internships in their chosen career field.

Everyone, both big and small, can pull their weight, and ensure that the hopes and dreams of every child become realities.” –  Alma Powell

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