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Sundance Hypertension Graduating Classim

Diabetes Prevention



This Diabetes  community Intervention program began 4 years ago with a Grant from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention,  administered by the New York City Department of Health and Mental  Hygiene.  This  Diabetes  Prevention Program (DPP) is an evidenced based one year program one year,  consisting of sixteen week workshop sessions ( CORE) followed by six once a month session ( POST CORE). Topics covered in this programs include- Be a fat and  calorie Detective, Ways to eat less fat and fewer calories, Healthy Eating, Move Those Muscles, Being Active a Way of Life, Tip the Calorie Balance, Take Charge of What's Around You, Problem Solving, Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out, Talk Back to Negative Thoughts, The Slippery Slope of Lifestyle Change, Jump Start Your Activity Plan, Make Social Cues work for you, You can Manage Stress, and Ways to stay Motivated.


This work was expanded to include Diabetes Self-Management program. This is a six weeks interactive workshop for people living with type 2 Diabetes. This evidenced based program was designed by Stanford University in Connecticut, to help individual develop strategies for managing their diabetes. Participants in this program learned the principles of healthy eating, and benefits of being physically active as they were motivated to enjoy a healthy a healthy and dynamic life with diabetes. The topics covered were how to manage diabetes symptoms, tiredness, pain and emotional issues, as well as Understanding diabetes and diabetes treatment, Healthy eating ,Being physically active, Taking medicine, Checking your blood sugar, Reducing your risk for other health problems. Learning to cope with stress, depression, and other concerns

 Participants have access and continue to access workshops, food demonstration, farmers market exposure and education, receive Health Bucks ( It is coupon) that can be used  at  Farmer's Market, and  Green Grocery stores to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. They will also be able to access weekly Health Education classes



1. Improve Strategies to manage Diabetes


2.  Being more physically Active


Objectives: By the end of this program participants will be able to:

1. Practice healthy eating

2. Lower A1C  level  20-30%

3. Improve Physical Activity level to 150 mins a week (30 mins daily)

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