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Diabetes  Management


The National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) is an interactive workshop for people who are at risk for developing diabetes. 

NDPP is a CDC-Recognized program with a scientifically proven record of helping people living with Pre-diabetes to reduce their risk of developing the disease by up to 60%. Participants will learn skills to eat healthy, become physically active and manage daily stress. Workshops are held 1 day a week for 16 weeks (1st 6 months) -  and 1 day per month for 6 months


For the last four years APC has been successfully conducting Diabetes Prevention classes in various communities in Brooklyn.  Programs were held at:


Mount Zion Church of God

End Times Ministries

New Life SDA Church

APC Community Services Office

Sundance  Social Adult  Day Center


This program helps  Participants:

Learn the facts about healthy eating and being active.

Learn what makes it hard for you to eat healthy and

be active.

Learn how to change your habits and adopt healthy


Maintain weight loss and lifestyle changes.


Program include such topics:


Diabetes Overview

Be a Fat and Calorie Detective

Three ways to eat less fat and fewer calories

Healthy Eating 

Move those muscles

Be Active a way of Life

Tip the calorie Balance

Take charge of What's around you

Problem solving

Four keys to healthy eating out

Talk back to negative thoughts

Slippery Slope of lifestyle change

Jump start your activity plan


Diabetes Management Graduation 2018

Sundance Adult Day Program

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