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After School Program


According to the US Department of Education, more than 28 million school-age children have parents who work outside the home. An estimated five to seven million, and up to as many as 15 million "latch-key children" return to an empty home after school. When the school bell rings, the anxiety for parents often just begins. They worry about whether their children are safe, whether they are susceptible to drugs and crime.

In response to this pressing concern, APC Community Services has created an after-school program to keep children and youth out of trouble and engaged in activities that help them learn. It has been noted that about 100 percent of people polled in a recent survey agreed that it is important for children to have an after-school program that helps them develop academic and social skills in a safe and caring environment.

However, a chronic shortage of quality after-school programs exists. According to parents, the need far exceeds the current supply. One recent study found that twice as many elementary and middle school parents wanted after-school programs as were currently available. APC Community Services is meeting this need through its innovative


program which includes:


 *  Homework Assistance


       *Tutoring in Math, Reading and Language Arts


    * Music


    * Drama


* Public Speaking


    *Creative Writing


    * Leadership Skills


 * Volunteerism

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